There are plenty of places to sharpen your S&M skills...

a singletail whip, a length of kinky rope, and a flogger made of leather

but this isn't one of them.

This is where dominants come together

as a community of peers and equals
to share our experience, strength, and power

and grow our D/s edges.


A salon is not a workshop, an e-course, or another lecture by someone who thinks they have all the answers.

It is more like a discussion group, except structured, facilitated, and classy as fuck.

We meet four times a year online to talk about topics like:

I want to move from a service-toppy role to take more for my own pleasure... but where do I start?

Our dynamic is bedroom-only, and it’s great fun. But we’ve been curious about trying 24/7...

I’m a great top, but I want to be better. I know all the moves, but it feels like something is missing.

My perfect pet looks up at me with those eyes and will do anything for me... and my mind goes blank.


chosen by the participants.

Want to join us?

It’s an intimate group (limited to ten). You’re guaranteed to have the attention of us all to get what you need from the session and our facilitator; be it witness, practical advice, brainstorming, or support and encouragement. You get to say how you use the group.

Stay in touch and I'll let you know you when the next one opens.

trained facilitator Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith

trained facilitator Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith