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The online dominance building course from Sinclair Sexsmith

Want to be a better Top, Dominant, or Master for your submissive(s)?

Of course you do! And you're in the right place to learn. Led by Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith, a genderqueer butch and kinky queer dominant, the Mastering Dominance experiential learning workshop will be an immersive e-course experience that will leave you with mad skills, deep confidence to wield your authority, and some tips for creating your own leather household in the D/s structure that works best for you. Learn all about the possible protocols, styles of topping, and relationship structures out there, so you can find what works best for you and rock it, hard.

"The course is structured so that one doesn't have to be in a D/s relationship (or any relationship) for it to work, there are great readings & videos & discussions, and the homework is both thoughtful and dirty and consequently some of the *funnest* homework anybody's ever given me." β€”Kat (a participant in the Submissive Playground)

Expected release date: depends on your interest.

I'm curious! Let me know when it's ready!